Chaotic weeks, beach and saying goodbye

Making the most of the heatwave:
Safety Beach, awesome waves
 and great climbing rocks!
(The monkeys of Gibraltar)
Bathroom in progress, we’ve gone into week 3.
We survived the very stinky waterproofing with dragging our mattress into the living room.
The floor tiles are in, quite a feat when needing to accommodate curved shower screens!
Grouting the floors and putting wall tiles up are on for today.
The house will be a noisy construction site for another 2 weeks, I can’t wait to have a real shower again and cut out the stumbling out in the dark to use the portaloo...
The end result will be make it totally worth it.
Craft morning at the gallery.
I’ve picked up my crazy quilt again (on the right). Tidying up threads at the back are so much more fun under the shade of a tree, with a cuppa and great friends.
The last two weeks have been very busy,
with the kids starting school, they are tired and tempers fly easily.
Tim and David both got sick and the week became a mess.

Taking a breather and making sure we touch base, quickly falls on the wayside.
A cuppa fixes a lot of things...

The trip to the beach was perfect, with the waves crashing down on you. Do you stand your ground or do you ride the waves to back to the shore?
I’ve become a soccer mum+
Soccer sign on days are upon us...
The dragon fruit keeps growing, fascinating.
Yesterday evening was hard. Our little Moon Dancer (Mooney) didn’t turn up for dinner.
The horses are normally calling out for me at the fence, together, but only Laura was there.
I found Mooney laying in the corner of the paddock, alive, but with heavy, laboured breathing, frothing from her mouth and thrashing around. Our little girl was unable to stand up and was in a very bad way. With the small chance she would have contracted Hendra, I knew we had to keep our distance, the hardest thing, you want to comfort her. The veterinarian was called and it was fairly obvious there was no coming back from this, putting her down would be the most humane thing to do.

This morning we had to tell the kids that their friend had passed away. Remembering together all the happy memories we made with her. She will be missed.
The kids are at school again and I’m waiting for the bobcat to turn up...
Sweet dreams little Moon Dancer, may the Milky Way be your dance floor.

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