Back to school

Last week of school holidays.
Slowly we’re getting back to normal, getting organised for school, plowing through the washing after 10 days of camping, playovers, sleepovers, catch up with friends, puzzling and confirming the after school activities in the week planner and getting the house ready for the jackhammer.

Picking blueberries at a neighbouring farm was a highlight in this busy week. We drove home with almost 7 kilo’s of blue goodness!
Friends that came down for the long weekend were so impressed with the taste and quality of the berries that I ended up with another impromptu picking session alongside my friend Sanne. Without the kids we were a lot more efficient too: 11 kilo’s to share.
January in Grafton: Mangoes!!!
A friend has opened a health food bar in Maclean. I’ve been asked to stock her shop and kitchen.
Sure looks nice!

I can see the kids starting to get bored. 
Kids are literally climbing the walls! Tim is sticking to the hallway, inside, where Alex has been targeting the roof of the house. Sitting on the back deck, “hey, it’s just like someone is walking on the roof”. “Alex!!!” 
Quite an accomplishment without a ladder, he just shimmies up the support posts of the front veranda.

New house rule: no climbing onto the roof!
(the drop towards the back is almost 6 meters!)
He has been limited to the roof of the carport...
The state of the bathrooms and toilet: very bare.
But at least the jackhammers have finished.
A portaloo (temporary toilet) on the driveway will be our reality for the next couple of weeks. Showers are out too, bit unlucky that we’re having a rather cool summer at the moment! Rain keeps falling, creating beautiful skies and an overflowing dam.
Sunflowers, so happy and bright.
The main deck is currently my sanctuary,
a tool free part of the house...
Making lists and getting work done. Busy with organising the start of the soccer season, the sign up days have started. I’m sharing the role of treasurer and registrar and we have our work cut out for us!
After years of barely any growth, our dragon fruit has started growing madly in the last 6 months, quadrupling its size. It has started fruiting, we’ve counted eight buds so far, so exiting!
The bananas trees are loving the rain.
 Bananas for our monkey

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