Double Digits!

And then one of a sudden, our eldest, Tim, has reached double digits!
We tried out a new concept for his birthday party. 
Instead of birthday presents from his mates, he asked for a contribution to an afternoon of fun.
Memories over more stuff.
Climbing, running, swimming, gaming and a sleepover in the tent.
Although the last part turned out to be too hot and muggy to fall asleep and so they all ended up crashing on the couch.
Snags on the fire pit, until the next downpour changed that into a smoking mess,
marshmallows on the Weber taste just as well...
The reality of having a birthday on a weekday. An early start for a market restock, school, soccer training, a mum up to her ears in sign on duty and a dad with an early volleyball game.
And an exceptional busy week meant no time to bake a cake,
I did however had some leftover slice...
 A “new” bike (we’ve hit adult size now!) and bookstands for our reading worm.
It’s all about engineering, chemistry and robotics these days...

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