Alex and Sophie have joined Tim on the Aikido dojo.
Aikido’s philosophy stands for the art of peace (not pieces). 
Self defence, changing the energy of an opponents attack into deflection, without harm.
when it’s too hot to cook...
Dinner, has become a very simple affair at our place, afternoons are mostly filled with after school activities, not leaving much time to cook. Lots of salads, fruit, legumes and a bit of meat.
Corn has been our main carb stable for the last couple of months, making the most of the summer harvest. Leftovers are highly favoured, making the meals a bit more diverse and are providing me with lunch.
Rosie, our free as a bird new “pet”.
Alex’s 5th birthday party, his best friends and whole kindy class!
Dragon fruit in flower, so big!
The dam’s new vegetation along the dam wall is starting to look much and healthier, more important it’s becoming stronger! She’s at maximum level, it won’t need much to start a flood now.
Rainy days and rainbows, Summer has started to pack her bags,
but while I’m sitting here dripping with swear on a muggy 35 degree day, she hasn’t left the building just yet.
Sick days, 
our feisty 3 year old turns into a teddy bear, and only wants me as a pillow.
Inspired by a glut of eggs and a free Saturday morning.
Baking bread with a dark chocolate and walnut swirl.
Expanding the granola, 
now also in the kitchen and on the shelves at A Perfect Blend Espresso Bar in Grafton.
Launching the snack packs, rebranding one of my granola’s, loving a good pun.

Besides, I’ve started developing a new granola, something for when the colder days are upon us.
I love this part of my work.
Biggest Playgroup has come and gone, at least 200 kids turned up for the day and had a ball. 
A big event to organise for the committee, but a great way to showcase where we stand for: play and a strong community. 
 The main bathroom, finished!
Loving our very basic and natural new shower and vanity.
(Much easier to clean too!)
Soccer season,
the admin site of it is keeping me rather busy, many evening and free moment spend, 192 registered!
And now all 4 have decided to play this year!
Coaching session with Alex, lesson 1, there’s no climbing involved in soccer.
Loving the change we’re seeing in Sophie, she has been seizure free for 2 years, and spasm free for a year. Something to celebrate!
Last month we lowered her medication, a risk, but we suspected that they were making her sleepy, making it hard to concentrate, to take on challenges and learn.
Already she has so much more energy, she’s tackling things a school, has energy to play and wants to do things, it’s making my heart sing...
Piano lessons, aikido and now also soccer, because there’s more to life then academics.
I’m trying to hold down the fort, while hubby is in Thailand, with his mate Erik.
Tim spend all weekend building a hydraulic arm, David get’s to test it.
I love it when they challenge themselves while helping and encouraging each other.
Looking at my poor (pumpkin) overgrown garden.
My fingers are itching, but my back is sore, signalling me, it’s carrying enough and wants some down time. So I listen, for now.


  1. I think "Rosie" the King Parrot may end up being a Robert.... the young (both male & female) are more green, but that one looks like it is changing to the red chest & head =D

    1. Good to know, could have known of course,
      all these guys in my life, are all out for food ;-)
      I’ll have a stern talk with Roger tomorrow...

  2. A beautiful round up of a full and satisfying life mix. So pleased Sophie's health is improving, very important on all levels.

  3. Love the update. So wonderful Sophie is doing well, can't believe David is 5! Loving your bathroom!!


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