Camping at Hat Head

The Hat Head campground has the awesome layout being enveloped by the Korogoro Creek and the Pacific Ocean. The creek fills up with the tide and is fantastic for all kinds of water activities.
For ten days we got to call this home.
Camping, there is no better way to appreciate your bed, house and their comforts you take for granted!
We like to keep our holidays fairly basic, if we would like a house in the forest with a view on the lake, with a pool and great kitchen, we can just stay home...

Camping is close neighbours, making new friends, exploring, walks for toilets, showers and tap water. No electricity, no fridge, (no coffee machine!) or other electronics.
And after a cold southwesterly, that was raging for days on end, no gazebo. 
The tent (barely) made it through thankfully.
Our luxury was time, 
spend together, 
just hanging out.
Sitting for hours watching the waves.
The kids frolicking in the surf
Or sand
“The Gap”
 “Hat Head Hilton”
 Quiet talks
Going for day trips,
Smoky Cape Lighthouse.
Also a great vantage point to see the big swell caused by king tides combined with a raging south westerly. The beaches were getting mercilessly pounded.
 The gaol ruins at Arakoon.
Picnics in the national park.
After dinner swims.
First thing mentioned when we start packing up again:
“Picking up Tyson again!”
“Sleeping in my own bed!”

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  1. Inspiring pics, love the look of it!!! and such a slow pace :-)


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