Thank you 2017!

2017 was:
The pool was in for a serious workout this year,
the kids are now all independent swimmers
A new veranda at the front.
All we need now is “an old rocking chair”.
Playing with chocolate
The hottest day ever: 47 degrees!
Bloody roos...
Turning 8
Summer salads
Camping at Urunga
Going for rainy walks
Making new stairs
Lots of granola baked
Big boy undies.
Puddle jumpers unite in the bath
Tomatoes galore
Cold winter days
Taking a bit more time for each other, going on dates, walking, concerts and salsa dancing lessons.
Bucket parade.
5 weeks long we go from one virus to the next, fevers, vomiting, diarrhoea going through all of us,
Walks through the forest
Bike rides
Taking grandma to playgroup
Alex is very keen, but no old enough.
Rain, rain, rain, it keeps pounding us.
New coffee machine!
Finishing my quilt for Lotte
Camping at Woody Head
“Puppy” loves company
Mothers Day
Drumming lessons for Sophie,
Tim sticks to his guitar
Picking up the grandparents at the airport.
Annual photo shoot
Collecting pecan nuts at a friends farm.
Work Christmas Party
Ready to start school in 2018
Camping at Sawtell
Creating a new front deck
The start of the dam.
Tim getting his own room
Turning 4
A new pen for the chooks
Too hot to play, Summer is so very hot this year.
Cooling of in the water through
Little Laura growing up and starting to fill out.
Finishing touches on the pool deck.
Tim’s 9th birthday.
A lasertag, pizza, sleepover party with his best mates.
The rain starts to fill the deepest point of the dam.
Puddle monsters cooling off.
Low after low gives us 700mm of water in one month!
The dam is full and we need to work hard to make sure it survives the onslaught.
Dam at full capacity
Going to “Rock on River Festival”
Prolonged rain breeds huge swarms of midges,
the horses are not impressed.
Camping at Woody Head,
our favourite spot late afternoon: “The Whale”.
Easter bunny with a sugar low
Easter fires, cleaning up garden waste
Neighbour with a stash of bush rocks...
To be turned into our own fire pit.
The start of our Full Moon parties.
Winter garden
A table runner for my mum
Handy Man
Valley Made Market
At the side line, cheering on Tim’s soccer team
Monkey Alex
Celebrating 40 years of Grafton Playgroup
BMX track
Spring Time
After school snacks
My sister’s first visit of Australia, David is instantly taken
Meeting our niece Lotte
Playing with cousins in Mulligans Hut
Saying farewell again in Woolgoolga
Baking with Sophie, so nice to see the sparkle back in her eyes.
Her epilepsy medication, took some fine-tuning this year.
My mum heading home again.
Cucumbers galore
Back to Sawtell, 
swimming the channel
Seeing the first plants growing in the dam.

2017 was great, but just flew by!
We hope to make many more happy memories in 2018.
Thanks for visiting.

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