End of year

Storms keep rolling in, bringing some cool relief.
The rainwater tank has been overflowing for the last two weeks, at Christmas day the dam started overflowing too. Everything is growing like mad, it’s so green!
 Bringing around Dutch Christmas Stollen to our neighbours.
By bike of course!
Summer is hot and muggy, the kids live in the pool. We’re keeping the baking and cooking to a minimum. No 12 course meals for Christmas Day, just salads, prawns and a cold ham.
And a summer style merengue with hazelnuts, lemon curd and fresh fruit.
And a plaited brioche.
Boxing Day for us is traditionally spend at the beach. With huge storms during the night, we weren’t sure if our the dirt track to our favourite beach would be accessible.
Woopi is nice too, just a lot busier.
 Gotta love the basic park facilities in Australia...
Barbecue lunch with fresh fruit.
Our kids have so much stuff already, so besides a big stack of books and some fun things to keep their minds occupied over the school holidays, they got vouchers.
A movie date for the youngest three.
While Tim went for a 17 kilometre white water canoe trip, with Sander on the Nymboida River.
A last-minute decision saw us celebrating the new year with Dutch friends at Tambourine Mountain, we’ve know them for 10 years and the kids are great mates, they call them their cousins...
It isn’t a New Years Eve without a watermelon monster.
The perfect snack after a couple of hours in the pool.
 We found Alex playing Koen’s euphonium, he is in love...
 Our friends have an avocado orchard, helping them pick and weed was so much fun.
Another big storm rolled in at the end of the day, the power was out for hours.
Which was awesome, there was another a big party planned in the holiday home next door, it stayed so nice and quiet!
While we dug up some candles and a camping stove and had an awesome time.
Wishing you all the best for 2018,
thanks for visiting.

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  1. What joy to bring to the neighbours, love it


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