my deserted beach, 
such a magical place,
just perfect...
Where the Kalang and Bellinger River meet and head out to sea.
The whole boardwalk is one kilometre, from laguna, to mangroves, marches, whirlpool and all the way out to the sea. A gorgeous walk surrounded by the awesome energy of the ever changing water.
Hours of play in the sand, on body boards, snorkelling and adventuring into the mangroves.

While at home the temperatures hit 40 degrees, we were almost cold in the early summer sea water,
and a rather pushy wind in the afternoons.
 And so we spend most afternoons snoozing under a shady tree.
With picnics, books and climbing.

Although we started the first night with Christmas Carols and fireworks in the field right next to us.
A short week camping was a great way to leave the whole Christmas madness behind.
And still be back in time for our last salsa lesson of the year ;-)

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