November was...

A shared birthday
Birthday cake,

Colour Fun Run at school

Art in the paddock
The bathrooms and toilet are getting an overhaul in February.
We’ve started the painting, no more pink!
Car VS Kangaroo
Score 3-3
The last time we had front on damage, I drove it into town the next morning to get the damage assessed. I ended up stuck in traffic with two kids and a smoking bonnet. The lesson of the cracked radiator has been learned, no need to repeat, tow truck please.
Doing research on roo whistlers now.
Rock hopping in the local park, while waiting for an appointment.
Tackling the bookcase with my friend Erin, my go to person for everything book related. A decent purge of books that weren’t inspiring, damaged beyond repair or the kids had grown out of.
Tim got all exited when he got home from school, tidy books!
The kids spend the rest of the afternoon with books on their laps. 
Thank you Erin, I’m all inspired to tackle the toy box and puzzle cabinet next!
Sophie turning 8.
Very happy with Tim’s old bike (it’s blue after all),
with a basket, horn, spoke beads and streamers to make it her own.
And many little presents.

With the help of medication, we have her epilepsy well controlled. Compared to last year, she has a lot more energy, the spasms have all gone. She hasn’t had any (large) seizures for the last year and a half. There are still the absence seizures, when very tired, but she can feel them coming on. The ideas for an operation have been shelved. 
She still tires quickly, concentration is patchy and her reading and writing a challenge, but acing her maths. She has caught up at school and is doing well. Our stubborn little girl, with a large smile, she’s getting there.
Mister Alex, our little gecko, is getting ready for school next year. Although he’ll be young to start (turning 5 in his first week of school), he is very ready for the next challenge. Already studiously practising to write and to read, keeping him home for another year will be drive us all batty!

With all our kids deep sleepers, night nappies are still a fact for some of them. With a little encouragement (read: a bribe), they’ve been doing their very best to get without.
Including ditching the dummy.
Yes, a dummy. I was that woman before kids, who didn’t want any dummies in the house.
With a very colicky first baby, that quickly turned into, “no dummies past 6 months”. 
Sophie was a thumb sucker, with a thumb all swollen, red and infected. Enter baby #3: “here, have a dummy!”, #4 never stood a chance.
Sleep was bad, anything to survive, you do whatever gets you through.

And I’m pleased to say David has given his up.
But with that also his afternoon sleep. 
He has turned into a monster. A screaming, biting, throwing, obnoxious monster.
My sanity patience is wearing thin, my hairs are turning grey rapidly, why did we want him to loose that dummy again? 
But David, has his eyes on the price now, only two more nights and he gets to have his bribe trophy, a little bag of xmas chocolates. 
I admit, I’m tempted... Hoping he goes to sleep soon and lets his siblings sleep, we’re all a bit crabby this week, too much excitement and not enough sleep.
But I know he’ll be my little sweetheart again in the morning and we’ll get through this period of change.
Just these afternoons...
“Come get me mum”

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  1. My pleasure, I was honoured to be asked. Enjoyed our time together xx


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