Blind date

15 years ago, we went out for a blind date...

We were off on a rough start (long story short: I’m not a fan of doctors),
we quickly managed to get past that, when we started talking about our travels and travel plans.
That we shared a birthday and a love for camping.
It became one of those evenings where you have become completely oblivious of your surroundings.
Chairs had gotten stacked up around us and staff had to ask us to leave at closing time, we had been talking for hours!

Both busy with our studies and further hampered with living in different cities the next date took a bit longer, but we stayed in contact over the phone.

For our second date he asked me to go to Cambodia with him.
And I said yes...*

We have travelled lots together, found our home on the other side of the world.
This amazing friend, lover, father and partner.
I hope to do a lot more travelling together in the future.
But I’ll always be home, when I’m with you.

*(Turned out I had exams for the only weeks Sander could get away, but we ended up in Cambodia on our 3 month honeymoon, backpacking through South East Asia).


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