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I’m still making bread my daily rye sourdough, but I’m trying to bring in a little more variety (read, veggies), when it comes to lunch. The kids are great fans of salad wraps. But just to spruce things up, I like to keep trying out some new things on them.
Pizza is a favourite and any leftovers are great for those after school munchies.

Make them as large as your baking tray and call them a pissaladiere (French pizza).
This one we made with homemade dough, tuna, capers, feta, red onion and prawns.
But nothing beats a quiche. Perfect to use up eggs (chooks lay five eggs a day, the pressure is real!) besides it’s Sophie’s favourite lunch. Fresh greens up from the garden, onion, mushroom, a little organic bacon and a sprinkle of parmesan.
Use store bought puff pastry, or make your own.
Hot or cold. Lunch is sorted for the next couple of days.
Comfort food: laksa. Simple and fragrant. I love this recipe
By swopping the chicken stock with fish stock and fish and prawns instead of chicken, it becomes a whole new level of awesome.
My busiest time of the year for granola.
With Simone, catering lots of events and extra markets, she’s keeping the sales ticking over very nicely.
I’ve just done a count for the Second Chance Jars we’ve been doing these last couple of years.
In the last 5 months alone, we’ve already sold 124 jars! That’s another $300 raised and donated to the local womens shelter.
 Making cupcakes, with a smile...
 ...and sprinkles...
To share at school.
Sophie’s birthday yesterday, so her choice for dinner:
“Blue pasta with blue cheese sauce”.


Not wanting to be the the one to crush creativity, I delivered.
A couple of drops of colouring in the pasta water. 
And a basic sauce spruced up with bacon, peas, mushroom, garlic and a big dollop of gorgonzola.
Looks disgusting interesting, but actually tasted amazing (just keep your eyes closed).
Blue cheese, our kids love it. Amazing, right?

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