Anticipation: a feeling of excitement about something that is going to happen in the near future.
As with most pleasures, it’s not so much the experience itself as the anticipation that is enjoyable...
My youngest sister, Lisa, will be rowing the A-finale at the World Championships in Sarasota.
For more info and live coverage: http://www.worldrowing.com/events/2017-world-rowing-championships/womens-single-sculls/
What is he whipping up for us today?
 Sourdough bread takes time. Lunch.
This grape vine was planted 5 years ago.
First grapes.
 Mango blossom. Will they form?
 A monster egg, what surprise will it hold?
 Remember the work we did on the deck at the front in January?
We finally found a concreter to finish the job.
Putting the hose to a just poured concrete slap.
 Exposed concrete, like magic.
Flour, butter, sugar, aniseed and a smile.
 Afternoon tea.
Doors, putty and a sander, waiting for the roller.
Mulberry hunters. Which ones are ripe today?
Anticipation. Gardening. Waiting for rain.
Clouds have been forming in the last couple of days.

We just heard a couple of drops on the roof and all joined the frogs with a happy chorus.


  1. A beautiful post of anticipation - which is a wonderful emotion. Rain looks very probable....and the garden will love it.

  2. Enjoy the visit with grandparents :-)
    Hooray the concrete is finally done!
    Wishing Lisa all the best!!! Fantastic news


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