Bucket Parade

Well, the last 5 weeks have been one big bucket parade. It hasn’t been pretty with vomiting, diarrhoea (hence the buckets), many days of fevers, sore throats, more vomiting, ugly snotty head colds and many, many days in bed. It just kept on coming and went through all of us.
 Brother love: using your hot, feverish body to warm up your brothers cold, feverish feet.
When you just want to stay close to your mum, but she finally has enough energy to attack that huge pile of dirty dishes.
 Battling through Virus #4
Stocking up on vitamins, a mulberry tree sagging on the load of a monster crop. No complains from the kids!
When you haven’t had the energy to collect eggs for a couple of days, since the chooks have started hiding them.
 When you’ve been in bed for a week, the laundry pile doesn’t take a break.
No rain for almost 4 months, it’s dry, brown and crackly. The days are smokey from the many bush fires around. We’re in the first month of spring and we’ve already reached 38 degrees!
The horses stand by the gate in the morning, demanding breakfast now as well.
Some weeks (months) can be trying. But that’s it with the drama and whinging.
The garden is looking good, bit by little bit the veggie beds have been planted and it’s coping with the heat. Thriving I dare even say!
We might even get our first crop of plums this year!
Everyone is better again, although we all tire easily, it’s a start. School holidays have just started, giving us all a much needed (virus) break. The kids have all lost quite a bit of weight, a snack box on outings, or snack plates for morning tea are a welcome addition.
The pool is open again.
A special day with the eldest three. Enjoying the sun and the river breeze.

Tomorrow morning we’ll be picking up the grandparents from the airport. They’ll be staying for a month. The kids are all very exited.

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