Spring Holidays

With energy returning, we’ve been walking and walking and walking. With me often sneaking an extra one in, at sun up with Tyson or taking Tim for a longer bike ride on the road.
In anticipation of rain to come, we went checking out the gully, (any excuse for a walk will do). 
After 4 dry months, only the deepest two waterholes had a tiny puddle of murky water left.
 Yes, I’ve come to love rain...
 The stone is wet... The rainwater tank halfway full again. Some refreshing thunderstorms and lots of sprinkles predicted this week.
 Walks, walks, walks. With or without a bike, dog, horse, grandparents,...
 or nap...
 Mixing paint. Fascinating how you end up with a beautiful off-white.
Granola drop off at the markets. The first jacaranda trees are coming into bloom.

 Making pizza. All keen on making their own.
 Leaving the grandparents in charge, going walkabout, just the two of us.
Keeping the energy up with a massive load of Anzac biscuits. An Aussie favourite brimming with oats and coconut powered up even further with walnuts, millet and molasses.
Making a longing yard for Laura, to get her to the next round of training.
No round yard, I don’t like to be closed in.
Utilising the old pool fences, fence posts and a curious horse that loves to play.
Getting ready for the Full Moon gathering. Another great night by the fire.
We dropped of the grandparents with a tent in Sawtell, giving them a well deserved break. We’ll pick them up again next weekend.

Making the most of the last day of the spring holidays. Taking on the current in Bonville Creek.
Term 4, always a busy one, is about to start. We’re rested, energised and ready for the challenge.

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