Happy Summer Times

Well that old front deck well and truly had it, after years of patching it up, we run out of patching planks and the supporting construction was starting to get a little bouncy, it was time for a serious overhaul. Time for the circular saw!
Instead of replacing the whole deck, we decided only to replace the front veranda, while utilising the leftovers from the pool deck. Looking so very pretty, but mostly this composite wood is maintenance free for at least 25 years!

It left behind a large hole where the rest of the deck used to be, that of course filled with water with the first bit of decent rain. Our pigs kids were very exited with our own personal moat, filled with nice gooey mud. Time for phase 2.
A bobcat, concrete blocks and a couple of dump truck hauls with fill.
The kids all on the first row.

Boys and machines. No further entertainment required!

All nicely filled in, we’ll wait for a couple of months to make sure it’s all settled. The plan is to pave it over, when it cools down a bit more!
We’ve had our fair share of 40+ degree days. Thankfully we’ve got airco (and solar panels!). But it also means we’re then stuck inside. I now have new curtains (thanks Evelien!), so pretty. We also started a room shuffle. Our office/sewing/lego/guest/I-don’t-know-where-to-put-it-let’s-dump-it-here room is now Tim’s room. With his own pretty red wall, he finally has his own room without little pesky brothers.
“Get out of my room!” was an often heard phrase that first couple of days...
Sophie is very happy with her own room with a (Frozen) blue wall. David was happy to wheel his bed to Alex’s room. At tuck in time, I often find them with their beds wheeled together.

After seeing the pretty and fresh blue, we decided to redo all the walls with a coat of fresh white, it’s rather yellow now! Always the way when you start painting, before you know it you’re doing three bedrooms!
Next phase will be new carpet. This 35+ year old cream carpet is starting to show it’s age (and stains!).
A pit stop with the kids after a morning of hard work at our local animal shelter.
Tim is a great helper, together we’ve helped there before. But after Tim came home all exited about all the cute kittens he played with and brushed in between cleaning out litter trays, his other siblings wanted to come too. With Alex and Sophie in the mix, we’re a lot less efficient with helping (they just play, socialise and groom), it’s all done with a kind heart.
Movie dates with the kids.
The oldest two have decided they rather spend their pocket money on memories instead of things...
(proud mum moment)
Holidays are hard work...
Mooney got sick a couple of weeks ago. Couldn’t walk, just stood there for hours. We managed to get a little water in her while it gently started to rain. It had been a 42 degree day, although they have 20 acres to roam with plenty of water and shade, for a while we thought she had heat stroke. Now we wonder if it was a snake. We left her when it started to get dark with a bucket of water. Next morning she was back in the top paddock, moving slow and shivering all over while it was still above 30 degrees. The fact that she was walking and drinking again was a good sign. It has taken most of a week, not counting the weight she lost, she’s back to her old self. Such a relief.
Tyson comes knocking on the screen door when it gets above 35 degrees or when a thunderstorm starts brewing. He has his own cool and cozy corner to hide and is happy there. No more bolting!
The chooks get set free, to roam on those hot days, with plenty of water set out for them, they can find their own comfortable place. With my own garden only just coping with heat stress, I havent planted it anything new in a long time, which also means there is nothing to be damaged.
Our gully, dotted with waterholes. The end of the second paddock and the start of the forest.
For the six years that we’ve been here, a dam has always been on the list. Extending the waterholes to something that could keep the water in for longer. Creating more biodiversity and a place for animals to drink. The heavy clay soil is perfect for it. 
Then, last week, a neighbour nudged a man with a dozer in our laps!
 We spend most of a 40 degree day outside watching a dozer hard at work.

The result after just a couple hours of work. 
Once the rains comes, the earth will settle and start growing again, this is going to look awesome!
Visible from the back deck it will change our view heaps.
Although separated with a fence, we will have to speed up David’s swimming lessons...
Until then, the kids have a place to race their bikes down, play king/queen of the hill and find treasure. Perfect for that last week of summer holidays.


  1. Building work is looking great!!
    Oh yes you will have to fast track the swimming lessons with the dam!
    The hot days are killers aren't they

    1. Thanks Erin, how are you coping with the heat?


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