Summer joys

It’s the little things that can make us proud. Repairing our first fence! 
Yes, we had done little bits and pieces before, but this one was a proper repair job needing a fence strainer tool. Reading instructions and checking youtube, because, well... it’s rather tricky. We nailed it, a high-five moment for us, for those who didn’t grow up with land.
There is something highly satisfying about painting walls. It looks so much better, instantly. 
All pen marks and scuffs gone and hidden under a fresh looking layer of white. 
Three kids bedrooms had a makeover and since we’ve been using the same paint throughout the house, going through the hallways and other high traffic areas made for a very quick tidy up!
Next job will be to replace the carpet in all bedrooms. We’re still researching (as well as gathering courage, since we’ll need to simultaneously empty 4 bedrooms ahead of laying!).
This is Tim’s new room, he is so very happy with his own space. A quiet refuge to read a book, build some new inventions or make awesome drawings.
The desk is an early birthday present, he’ll be turning 9 at the end of this month!
The kids waving farewell to the dozer. Just a couple of hours of work has done a huge transformation to our gully. We are now the proud owners of a dam! The couple of showers we’ve had so far have made a nice puddle at the bottom. Nothing much, but at least we know it seals well.

Mr Dozer pulled a bucket loader out of his back pocket, to spread some topsoil over the top of the dam to speed up grass taking root. Which will decrease erosion.
The last of the bitou bush (can you see it at the left?) has been eradicated, another big job of the list!

A couple of tree were harmed in the dam building process, we’ve cut some of the branches for firewood (home gym), the rest can stay for soil enrichment.
The Battlefield (Slagveld), my Saturday morning gym session, splitting wood.
The new dam, looking pretty even while still empty, will be a delight on my morning walks. Even though we’ll have to eventually alter the walking/maintenance track.
It’s a delight to see how much more we walk and play in the forest these days. Earlier years, I wouldn’t dare to go past the gully during the hot Summer (snake) months. Talks with several National Park rangers have put me so much more on ease. We’re still careful and stick to the (kangaroo) trails, but are starting to know the land like our back pockets. Seeing a python sunning along the track is actually a highlight.
Letting the kids know “I’m checking the weeds between Wattle Lane and Deep Pond”, makes sense to them and know where to find me if they need me.

The next project has already started, a new chook dome. We’re giving the geodesic design a try this time, which should be stronger and more suitable for short legged egg collectors...

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