Summer Snapshots

It’s a Summer of heatwaves and thunderstorms. With the kids just about living in the pool, they can’t be far of growing gills.
Hiding inside with the aircon on, for those particular brutal hot afternoons. Anything over 36 degrees (with maximum humidity) isn’t fun anymore.
Making an early morning start to tackle the bitou bush that has slowly started to invade our forest. We want to have it all out before it goes to seed.
Laura is a sure way to cheer up your day, coming to you in full gallop, following like a little puppy, calling out to you the moment you step outside. And being a great friend for Sophie.

At last we’ve discussed all the test results with the specialist. It looks like Sophie is in for many more tests. It’s a long, uncertain road, but we’re hopeful.
 A family picture and it isn’t even Mothers Day!
Waving goodbye to the grandparents, they’re swopping heatwave Australia for a snow covered Holland.
We’ll miss the love, company, eyes and hands that they brought along. We treasured the time and happy memories we had together and look forward to their next visit.

It’s going to be back to reality for me again. Sander goes back to work on Monday, while the eldest two still have another 2 weeks before they go back to school.
The kids have plans, many plans. While I have granola orders, a house to keep liveable and a wobbly pile of admin...
Well, most of that can wait two more weeks.
Time, so precious.
After having dropped of the parents at the airport, we needed something to change the mood. It took us 10 years in Australia, but we finally visited the Clog Barn in Coffs Harbour.
With demonstrations in the making of clogs (wooden shoes), a miniature village, depicting famous Dutch buildings and squares. And a Dutch coffee house, making many Dutch delights.
It might be a couple more years before we’re brave enough to travel 48 hours with our tribe, to the other side of the world. But the taste of kroketten (beef croquettes) was enticing.
 I love the addition of these cheeky, real life (water)dragons to the Muiderslot!
(can you find them both?)

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