Tim’s 8th Birthday

Our oldest turning 8 today.
But since a weekend is so much more practical and no-one complains when you get your presents a day earlier... We had the party yesterday. 15 kids that all jumped in the pool and stayed there, well it was sure a lot easier to organise then the orienteering from last year... ;-)
Tim wanted a Minecraft cake, from a computer game he loves to play. Up to my elbows into marzipan and colouring, but happy with the end result.
Just about all my birthday cakes start with the same recipe (withholding the fruit), a really nice cake with vanilla, buttermilk and a hint of lemon zest. A large cake, making it a great canvas and enough to share. The finishing is then up to the child. Green marzipan to create a Creeper in this case.

The marzipan is easy enough: equal parts sugar (powdered works best) and almond meal with just enough egg white to make it into a rollable dough. Add some colouring if your keen.
Then roll out between two sheets of baking paper so it doesn’t make a sticky mess and makes it easy to transfer to the cake. Add your decorations and your done! Sparkles are always a hit with kids...

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