Jalapeno dip

A couple of weeks ago I made Pickled Jalapeños from our garden. Once again, they worked out great! I love to use them on sandwiches or wraps, or when making a pot of chilli con carne. Being able to spice up your own plate without getting cranky stares from the kids.

They do love this jalapeño dip though. Which goes well on the side of said chilli con carne when using wraps, or as a dip for the corn chips. The leftovers got eaten on sandwiches, with crackers for an afternoon snack, while I scraped out the bowl with pieces of carrot.

It makes a rather large batch, you might want to halve it (or double it!)
The heat of the jalapeños varies a lot, between batches and age of the jar. Start with 25 grams, taste and keeping adding until you reach your level spiciness.

Jalapeno Dip:
200 gram avocado
100 gram sour cream
25 gram pickled jalapeños (add more to taste, I used 65 grams)
a pinch of salt
juice of small(ish) lime

Put in a blender and mix until smooth.

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