DIY Party Bags

It can be the little things that make you uncomfortable, for me it’s party bags. They’ve just had hours of fun, play and party food. When its time to say goodbye, the party bags get distributed. For those not familiar with it: a plastic bag with lots of little plastic toys that might just survive the weekend, then filled up to the rim with candy. Like they don’t have enough of a sugar high after all the party food and the colourful birthday cake! Just making sure they don’t come down for at least another day, or interested in real food. So yes, they make me cringe... *rant over* 

It’s an Australian tradition, its expected. I’m stubborn, but I don’t want to be that mum...
So for the last couple of years, I’ve tried alternatives: baking a personalised cookie with a thank-you note, cupcakes to decorate as an activity at the party, then to take home. Or buying a real toy that would get real use, like handballs (they play a lot with those at school). This years it will be marbles, who didn’t play with those as a child?!? I might even start a (retro) trend at school... ;-)
And since I have a new sewing machine to play with: marble bags.
They are ridiculously easy to make, I might (after heaps of mistakes) know how to quilt a little, general sewing is still not my forte.
Needed: you get 4 bags out of a fat quarter (20.5’x19.5’), some ribbon or rope and beads.
The trick is to keep the fold at the side and to tuck the ribbon or rope in the fold before running the top seam. Saves a lot of time and fiddling with trying to run the ribbon through!
Inside out, run the bottom seam and side seam, stopping in time, reversing and stopping again so the ribbon can freely move while the bag has a little extra strength at the top.
 I used a simple bead as a stopper.
Simple and effective.
I’ve used a couple of different fabrics, to be able to use leftovers and keep Tim’s many girlfriends happy.
And now.... Cake time!


  1. I'm impressed, I'm afraid I am one of those mums. I refuse to do party bags, for all the reasons you give and the thought simply gives me hives.
    Happy Birthday to Tim :-)


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