These weeks...

The holidays are over, the oldest two are back at school.
Although I’m very much for lots of free play, somehow we ended up with a very full planning. 
A super fun music program, aikido, swimming lessons and nippers (which will make place for soccer next month).
Sophie tried out dance but didn’t click with the teacher, she decided to do Aikido with Tim instead. It’s a fine line, between having extracurricular activities for a fun, enrichment and social skills, and having a program filled to the max that feel like “have to do’s”. Busy as it sounds, so far it feels like a good balance that is enjoyable to all.

I’m baking granola many afternoons, trying to stay on top of stock and orders. While being so busy my urge to do something active only increases, resulting on doing a workout most days of the week. Investing an hour, is giving so much more energy, focus and higher productivity throughout the day. My intention for this year was to aim for flow, most days I’m getting there.
After some practicing on my new machine, I’ve started a new baby quilt. The colours are bright and stunning, the fabrics mostly cutoffs from other projects. For me, it brings so much more love and story into a project.
Little David, waking up at 5am, making the day so very long. A bit too early for me, it’s still dark that time of day! Killing a couple of mozzies in his room and a sleeping bag for the cooler mornings seem to be working, now 6am feels like sleeping in...
The early sunrises are nice, so is the walk with the dog before the hectic of the morning works to its crescendo.
Healthy snacks, for throughout the day. Beetroot and parsnip chips are favourites. Having a good slicer makes all the difference. Making the thinner is the secret for crunch. I slide them in the oven when the bread comes out in the evening.. After 10-15 minutes I flip them and turn off the oven. In the morning they’re chewable crispy and ready to go into snack boxes. 
If they make it that far... Alex is an addict.
 Making the most of the corn season. Corn fritters and lunch boxes are great for any leftovers.
Weekends, for catching our breaths, organising, maintenance and planning. Sorting out a room at the time, is giving so much space in your head. A good week planning makes you efficient and organised. 
But taking a break, being a goofball with your kids, playing or reading will keeps you sane.

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