One banana, two bananas, three bananas, more!

Two years ago, we planted two little banana plants. These have grown into big strong trees, with heaps on new offshoots. After months of daily checking up the growth of our first bunches (check them out here, it’s a amazing sight to see them grow). The first ripe banana was the sign to cut of the bunch before the birds, bats and possums would come to the party. The tree will also be cut down and added to the compost heap, the new offshoots will take over its place and hopefully will keeps us in bananas for the years to come.
This bunch will feed us for the next couple of weeks. A good thing, because some of our kids just about live on bananas...

The second plant started flowering a couple of weeks later. So there is still many more to come!


  1. Wow, production that fast! Makes me feel slack that we haven't planted any, we really should!

  2. Exciting times. Bananas plants/stalks do grow very quickly. The suckers should produce well in another couple of years.


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