Cake epiphany

I was asked for an apple cake by Tim, our apple monster.
Not a problem, but for a middle of the week treat, I want nutrients as well. They’re pretty skimpy in flour, sugar and fat.
Eggs are brilliant and substituting (partly) with almond flour works wonders. In my search for a cake with a little more, I came across this one from Nigella Lawson: Apple and Almond Cake.
Browsing the ingredients, it became a cake epiphany, and I just had to test it.

- 3 apples turned into applesauce,
- almond flour and flakes,
- eggs (8!),
- lemon juice
- and a little sugar*.
Very easy to make, making the apple sauce being the hardest, pffff, how I love my Thermomix! The rest is just stirring.
The taste is a melt in your mouth marzipan (without the diabetic coma), with a crunchy topping of almond flakes. The apple is hardly noticeable, but still got thumbs up from my son.
With all those nutrients, a little goes a long way. Feeding my always starving water rats for days on end. However, next time I’ll put slices of apple in the top or bottom of the cake for a true apple cake experience, this would also be delectable with cherries, or pear, or....
In addition I’ll also put in the zest of the lemon for a little extra zing.
That’s me and a recipe, I just can’t help myself...

* Like with this one and most other recipes you can easily cut out 1/4 of the sugar stated, it will still be plenty sweet, no-one will notice, other then your dentist :)


  1. Oh that looks delicious, will have to try it.

    Sharing one of our favourite family breakfast for Tim

    Apple Fruinola: (Serves 10)
    12 apples, diced (I core, cut in quarter and process a few apples at a time, into the food processor for half a minute)
    Generous handful of almonds
    Half a packet of figs (not strict Paleo)
    blend up in processor,
    Mix all in bowl add some shredded coconut and a cup or so of sultanas.(not strict Paleo)
    Sometimes we add sliced banana on top too
    This is one of our family’s favourite breakfast, in fact they've asked to have it this coming week for the birthday week breakfasts.


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