Alex 3

Alex, 3 years old.
Our notorious climber, a great helper with any project, especially with dad. A boy with “ants in his pants”, forever busy, needing to move, run, climb, ride or swim. No time to sit down other then for cuddles. He’s taking his task as a big brother very seriously, David is his best playmate. But he often teams up with Sophie, his sister in crime. Raiding the pantry, one on the lookout, one to grab and hide, then blaming it all on David.
Crazy about Minions, bugs and everything motorised (the noisier the better). Days are never boring with this lad, keeping you forever on your toes. We love him to pieces.
For his 3th birthday he got Minions, a (fixed up) bicycle, crayons and a skippy ball.
And for daycare, Minion cupcakes to share. 
Thankfully kids this age are easily impressed... ;-)

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