Broccoli on Special

Broccoli Soup,
well what remained of the big pot that I made...

A very simple recipe my sister gave me many years ago:
Cook a bunch of broccoli in broth/stock, with a little salt and pepper until just soft.
(Stick)blender and serve with a dollop of creme fraiche or sour cream.

Yep, that’s all. Super simple but fantastic in taste and nutrients.
I made this lot with lamb broth, thats what I had freshly cooked up in the fridge, although most times I’ve used beef broth. Before my cooking days I also used stock cubes...

Home made broth is a very simple and cheap way of making super foods, at home. Kept in the fridge or freezer makes sure you always have some on hand.

Using up even more leftovers:
There was some of our home baked rye sourdough left, getting stale. Cut up in pieces and slowly roasted in good slug of olive oil and a little salt. They made up for some very tasty croutons.

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