Dessert night

Friday night is the only night we have dessert. A celebration of a week of hard work done well. It’s also one of the busiest days, ending with late afternoon swimming lessons. It can get a bit hectic, with the focus of having dinner ready to go when we get home hungry and tired. The dessert not always planned in advance. Having a bag of sponge fingers in the pantry is a way to make a super quick but fancy looking dessert. Whipping up a bit of cream with cocoa and maple syrup, then spooned on the fingers it only takes some sprinkles, fresh berries or the like to make it look fancy.
Or a box of little Easter chocolates. The last of the cream had disappeared into the tikka massala so we used butter instead. Some green sprinkles and mini m&m’s left from a birthday cake project, chocolate bits and a chocolate figure on top. A quirky dessert within a minute.
Alex is toilet training. Yes, I’m a bit fixated with poo at the moment...


  1. I'm sure there were no complaints about it either - it looks yummy and seasonal too!

    1. Thanks Karen. The kids thought it was hilarious to put it together.
      Those 5-7 year olds sure love their poo jokes!

  2. Ah...I remember toilet training (though those days feel like so long ago). There's no chocolate like Easter chocolate!! Cute dessert Marijke :)

    1. Thanks Michelle! Toilet training is not my favourite job as a mum. He is doing very well,but the accidents are so messy!
      And why not make a nice drawing on the window with it while you’re at it, seriously mate?!?!
      Two down, two to go....


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