A neglected permaculture garden in action

My poor kitchen garden, very neglected and overgrown.
Lots of weeds and pumpkin vines
Just getting into everything... But then with a permaculture garden, it doesn’t matter as much. There is no tidy rows to start with, the vines work as a living mulch. The sweet potato is battling it out with the mint and the rogue pumpkins. But they all thrive nevertheless. Look at the photo at the top again. See the basil, turmeric, ginger, parsley, lavender, asparagus and fruittrees poking through in abundance? 
It needs a good eye, but can you spot the green chillies? Four years and the plant is still going.
 You’ll find some plants hidden, not always intentionally planted. Some just refuse to die and keep fruiting year after year like this eggplant. I can already see some broccoli seedlings coming up from a plant I let go to seed last year. Some very lazy gardening...
 The best tomatoes are the rogue ones. Hidden between other plants. Whenever I come across a rotten tomato, I throw it somewhere in the garden. More often then not, after a good, soaking rain, some new tomato plants will spring up.
 There are two different variety pumpkins growing, all self seeded that need no help at all other then some space. When space is lacking, they make their own and go up, anything will do: washing line, trees, chook pen. My parents grew some very nice ones in their wooden picket fence.
I’m especially fond of the Japs, they store for about a year, taste fantastic and can be used in just about anything. Looks like once again, I’ll have a couple of wheelbarrows full before winter.

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  1. Sometimes lazy gardening is the very best, especially when you have the space to let it all grow as and where it happens. Enjoy!


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