Summer holidays

It has been quiet, but only here on the blog. 
The summer holidays are coming to an end, only a couple more days and Tim is due back at school and Sophie starting the week after. The weeks have flown by. The above photo sums up most of this holiday: day trips to the beach, nippers, lots of swimming (including a two week intensive course at the local pool), playing outside, thunderstorms and just being. I would almost say: “we haven’t done a thing” and it feels great... No fancy cooking, or baking. Just lots of salads, wraps and buckets full of beautiful summer fruits. We’ve gone through stacks of books and lots of drawing paper.
The kids are rested, all grown a mile, tanned. Looking froward to get back to school, to see their friends and a new mental challenge.
I’m slowly getting myself ready for this new year. Getting giddy with all the new possibilities, a new routine, a new phase.

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