A recipe that I just couldn’t resist

Our local library has an overwhelming amount of fantastic cookbooks. I love taking one along, on our weekly library trip. Just to flick through, with a nice cup of coffee. 
I don’t have to eat it, just looking at pretty pictures of cakes and desserts is often enough. But every now and then you come upon a recipe you just have to try.
I picked up Margaret Fulton’s “Favourites” and came across the recipe for a Lemon Honeycomb Mould. The ingredients were simple: milk, sugar, eggs, gelatine and lemon. Promising a light, tangy, summery dessert. 
You end up making, jelly, proper custard and whipped egg whites. Whisk them together in one bowl with the lemon juice and rind. Pour into a mould and put it in the fridge. Yep, no baking involved. Once it’s the fridge, gravity starts to work, creating all these different layers, the gelatine will then cements them in place upon cooling. Truly fascinating!

I don’t put recipes from cookbooks on my blog, it feels like stealing. 
But will link them if the author has put them out there themselves. I did find a similar recipe here.

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