Thank you 2014!

The last day of 2014, wow, what a year! So much happened, so much happiness.
Looking back at the photo’s of the last year:
Starting the year with a party (and a monster!)
Pregnant with #4, 
Alex taking his first steps.
Becoming an aunt and uncle for the first time, a baby quilt for Jip.
My sister Tineke getting married
A bumper crop of wild pumpkin, first wheelbarrow...
A slide for the treehouse
Lots of baking: macadamia Anzac cookies
Keeping busy in the veggie garden
A couple of day trips, first year of nippers, 
camping at Woody Head
Finishing my picnic quilt, at last
Decorating the house with solar panels

A photo shoot by my friend Michelle Donoghue
Born, our son David
A climbing hall in the carport, thanks dad!
My parents visiting

A crazy amount of storms this year
More family visiting: Jeroen & Nienke
 Lots of mulberries growing
 So does the washing...
 A toddler to keep you on your toes
And in stitches...
Another nephew born, a baby quilt for Thijs
My sister Lisa competing in the World Rowing Championships,
 visiting and taking me out for a row on the Clarence.
Camping at Mount Warning
First big harvest of garlic
And a third nephew is born, a baby quilt for Adam
Lots of baking for lazy Sundays
Still no television, we’ve got live entertainment...
 Alex starting training with Moony
Little Sophie telling everyone, including strangers on the street, she has turned 5, 
and can now start school
Santa needed a reinforced sleigh, a trampoline
Sweet and happy David, so much love and giggles

So much to be grateful for, see you in 2015! Happy New Year!

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  1. Lot's of familiar pics there:)
    Happy New Year{{}}


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