With our move to our property “out of town”, I’ve gained a new addiction: Rain.
To think that I used to get grumpy from rain while living in The Netherlands, there was always so much of it. Oh, the excitement of a couple of sunny days in a row!
It changed when we moved to Australia, months would go by before we would get any rain. As weeks went by, you could see the lush green shrivelling further into a landscape of cracks and different shades of browns. The only contrast an intense blue sky.
Now I find I’m checking the weather daily and when storms are predicted I keep close watch on the radar, becoming a rain geek.
It’s fascinating to see how clouds form and move. Often disappointing when they hit the range, disparaging in thin air just before they reach you. Yesterday storm build out of nothing. I heard thunder and checked the radar, nothing, then a tiny puf of cloud. That tiny puf changed into a monster thunderstorm within minutes, soaking us with very heavy rain and dumping at least 50mm of rain on us. All of us scurrying around cleaning out leaf spitters, removing leafs out of the gutter so every drop would go into the rainwater tank. The excitement to see the tank overflowing!
My friends in town always get this funny look on their face when I’m raving again about how much rain we got. Unless you talk with famers, or people with acreage of their own, eyes light up like the colour of the grass after some decent rain...
I keep hoping this rain is also falling in other places of Australia.
I’ve got enormous respect for farmers, feeding Australia, often in remote places, being on the down side of the government, weather and supermarkets. They are doing it tough, too many are in a drought at the moment. I can’t begin to imagine the desperation they must be going through. I’m not a praying person, but I wish them all the strength, rain and determination that they need.

Time to turn of the computer, another thunderstorm is closing in.

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  1. The rain has indeed been very welcome, refreshing the land, water tanks and the air. Enjoyed your photos and you changing cultural perspective of rain.


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