Sophie’s 5th

After months of asking today was her birthday, we finally got there...
Little Sophie turning 5, only a couple more months and she will start school!
Like magic, a friend dug up this castle mould, upon my mentioning that I was working out a way to make a castle with vanilla cake. We got back yesterday late afternoon, after driving most of the day home from Brisbane. I spend the evening baking up a storm so everything was decorated and ready to go at 10 o’clock this morning for her party. While tidying the house, unpacking the car and getting four new chooks settled. Chaos anyone?
I’m not a big fan of party bags (a goodie bag filled with lollies and plastic toys to take home after the party). Instead I baked a tray of cupcakes, filled some bowls with icing, decorations and sprinkles and let the girls decorate them, to take home as their party bag.
Tired, but very happy, 5 is just such a special age. Old enough for school, nippers, pocket money,...

That’s November over for us, now it will be all about finishing up the school and swim year, final days at preschool, Xmas parties and getting those Xmas decorations ready.


  1. The cake looks fab! I agree, FIVE is a special age. happy birthday Sophie!

  2. Happy Birthday Sophie!:)


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