One of those weeks

It’s been a challenging week with highs and lows.
I had a couple of moments where I had to walk out of the room and pull myself together. I found myself grinding my teeth, yelling at my kids and loosing my patience. I’m not my best person going on 4 hours of sleep while franticly juggling to keep all the balls in the air.
 The rain was a high and it looks like we’ll keep getting more, I hope to find an hour tomorrow afternoon and get some seeds into the ground. It’s hot, wet and humid, perfect for growing.
Alex reached new heights climbing, but then had a fall resulting in (once again) a black eye. He is driving me nuts with his climbing, dragging chairs through the house and getting into mischief. During the week he got sick, all over me, twice. Sheets, clothes, the smelly washing pile multiplied before your eyes. He’s through it, the washing on the line and he back to climbing and driving me nuts.
 Sophie is still on a post birthday high, telling whoever she encounters that’s she is five now. Very interesting to see from our normally shy and quiet little girl. She got a cold with a rumbling cough, waking up night after night with a sore ear.
Also awake during the night is David, battling the same nasty cough, a high fever and a sore throat and getting hardly any sleep, just miserable.

Tim got through it all unscathed, his very happy friendly self.
Coming home with a report card that gave me a beaming smile. Getting very good grades is one thing, but getting a perfect 1 for effort in every field, and all 1’s for Personal & Social Development, Work & Study Habits, that is fantastic. He is thriving.

I hope to be me again next week.

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