Another post, already? David is still getting better, so I’m still going on a couple of hours of sleep. I’m trying to go easy on myself, blogging is very relaxing...
We hardly ever see ants in our home, but if they come, they come in masses and are everywhere. It’s a sign, rain is coming, lots of it. So when the ants started to crawl over the walls,  making a pest of themselves in the kitchen, I took it as a sign to get the garlic out of the ground. The tops had started to die down, they wouldn’t grow any further while the prolonged wet clay might damage them. We had a fantastic harvest, the bulbs not as fat as I hoped though, a result of the lack of rain. But they all came up, grew without any care! 
 After months without fresh garlic (I refuse to buy the imported stuff), we’re on a pungent high! This is what is left after cleaning and drying, while I pinch bulb after bulb for cooking.
I’ve got a mix of Russian and Italian garlic (right). The latter is my favourite, even though the cloves are a lot smaller, there is a lot more taste to them.


  1. Your garlic is the prefect decoration in your kitchen too. Probably a good thing your pulled it up when you did!

  2. Hi Karen, what a rain, looks like there is still a lot more to come!
    How is your garden liking it?

    1. Well the lawn needs mowing again... and yes, the garden is certainly enjoying the welcome rain.


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