I’ve got a confession to make...
I listen to classical radio...

We’re very lucky in Australia with a station like ABC Classics FM. The music is very divers, the midday interviews a delight and my Friday afternoon is a breeze driving around picking up kids with world music. Classical music is so much more then opera and baroque. There are so many cool a-cappella groups out there, choirs to make your heart sing and the music, there is so much of it.

Listen to this piece and tell me classical music is boring:
Enough drama? I bet there are many metal heads out there that would love it, or gladly give it a go on an electrical guitar.

Or how about something very uplifting to get you through the afternoon?
After the chaos in the morning, wouldn’t it be lovely to drive away with all the kids strapped down and bags packed and relax through the school run with some calming music. Well I do!
Nothing beats a bit of Griegs Morning Mood to relax and appreciate your surroundings.

I love many different kinds of music, I’m not a connoisseur just a lover. And there are a lot of overlaps these days. Check out these guys: 2Cellos, rock stars!
The kids are pretty happy to listen along, I got them hooked in with this one:
Like I did as a child, and many generations before me...

What is your favourite piece of music?

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