Romertopf - Bread baking

Although I very much dislike shopping of any kind, I’m a big fan of op-shops (charity shops). You’ll often find me browsing through one of the many Grafton has on offer. There is so much treasure to be found! 
There is still a bit of a stigma on op-shopping, the impression it would be only for the very unfortunate. I disagree. Most shops run with volunteers, raising money for community projects, helping those out that are going through a bad patch. They exist on selling all those donated items, keeping it out of landfill. You would be surprised to see how many items still have their shop tags on... Consumerism anyone? It’s like browsing through an antique shop, without the hefty price tags.

We have a lot of op-shop finds in our house. Cute little vases, baskets, plates and bake wear, items to make your house a lot more personal. And all those lovely hand-me down: beds, toys, books, puzzles. Friends of us have kids a couple of years older then ours, boxes full of goodies we brought home after our last visit. A very early Xmas... A whole box, full of Dutch kids books, I call that treasure!

Also clothes I’m happy to bring home. Baby clothes get worn for only a couple of weeks before they go up into the next size. They don’t get much wear and tear... I’m happy to receive hand-me downs and pass them on again. It does get a bit harder when kids get older, not because they baulk, but clothes don’t last very long when climbing trees and tramping through paddocks... 
I find it hard spending money for clothes for myself. I’m post-pregnancy weight and spend my time surrounded by sticky little fingers. My clothes don’t have a very long life expectancy, I’m happy to wear some pre-loved items that I don’t have to worry about trashing. Yes, I’m a doctors wife and I’m happy to wear second hand clothes. You can always call it vintage...
My latest find is a Romertopf, never used, $10 at The Rescue Helicopter (Flying Doctors) op-shop. I haven’t tried making meals in it yet, but it’s fantastic for baking bread!
A friend has been using hers for years, her instructions were spot on.
For a large loaf of bread: Brush the inside of the bottom half with oil. Put the risen and punched back dough in the bottom covered with a tea towel and let rise for about 45 minutes. Preheat the oven on 250C with the lid (no oil!) on the rack. Once the oven has reached it’s temperature, carefully put the lid on and bake for 30 minutes in the oven. Take the lid off and bake on 200 degrees for an additional 10 minutes.    


  1. Oh wow, that's a find! haven't ever really struck it well there. Try the Riverside for baby clothes, lots of lovely ones for only $1 each:) Desperately needing clothes for myself too and some of the children. Currently checking out ebay for tops for me, see if I have any luck

  2. Hi Erin! Thabnks for commenting.
    I’ve used Ebay before, for myself and the kids. But I haven’t had much luck, bidding goes up quite quickly
    and then you still have to add the postage to it.
    I’m good for baby clothes now we’re in Summer. You don’t need a lot... Feels like a steam bath out there today!
    Something else, have you used cloth nappies with any of your kids?

  3. Always used cloth, used to use terry toweling 'flats'. I now use Baby Beehinds, ones with terry toweling inners and some bamboos, though meaning to sell my bamboo, too rough on my children's sensitive skin.
    just home from a huge day opshopping, mostly for my older boys and a few items for me:)


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