Back at the Super Market Challenge

About three years ago I started rambling about my bad relationship with the supermarket, my dread to go there, but still ending there way to often. I started a Supermarket Challenge.
It was a bit of planning, but I managed to bring it down to once a month!

Over the last year I’ve noticed my visits have increased again. Not being organised enough to make a decent shopping list, or just not wanting to do one huge shopping day with two little guys in tow.
Fair enough, but I do notice my waistline is starting to suffer...
My weight gain isn’t during pregnancy, but in the months following. The busy, chaotic days with a little one in the mix, the lack of sleep with all the broken nights.
For me that results in sugar cravings to make up for the lack of energy. A very bad habit.
Chocolate, ice-cream, cookies,... All calling out to your sleep deprived mind right down every aisle of the supermarket.
4 months since David’s birth, I’m still tired, with four young kids chances are pretty high that one of them will wake up early. Of course there is the never-ending loads of washing, tidying, organising,..
But I also feel bloated, headachy and grumpy. That is not only sleep depreciation...
There is a couple of things I can do about getting myself out of the down spiral, things that I know work for me. As a start: cutting back sugar temptation: restarting the supermarket challenge.

Wednesday 22th of October was my last supermarket visit, that’s over three weeks ago. I did go to the farmers markets, health food store and butcher in the mean time, but then, you can only find real food there.
Other then healthier meals, it has also given me more time to cook those real foods into tasty energy lifting meals. It will take more then good food to get back in shape, especialy when you’re head is not into it. So the next step will be a mental challenge, doing more things that make me happy, rested, balanced. Part of that will be a physical challenge, nothing better then a good workout to get all those happy hormones flowing again...

Gotta go, The kids are “starving”...
On the menu for lunch: a Turkish sandwich with macadamia/kale/basil pesto, red onion/thyme relish, spinach and haloumi. All leftovers, upgraded with freshly roasted veggies.

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  1. So with you on supermarket blues! I only shop once a month (on the 20th) at the butchers and supermarket, once a week at the fruit and veg shop (also get bread and milk there). Actually our son works there so has been doing the shop at the greengrocers for me too:)
    My approach is I do my menu plan and shopping list up the day/night before. Then I'm at the supermarket by 7-7.30am (leave kids at home with dad) and do my shop then, usually back home by 9am! free for another month:)

    btw Love the look of that Turkish sandwhich, I need to get more creative with foods.


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