This weekend

A double birthday, Sander and I share the day.
We decided to have a small party at the last moment, being a Sunday and all. A lovely gathering with friends.

While camping at Mount Warning a couple of weeks ago, we had coffee and a treat in Murwillumbah: beetroot/raspberry/chocolate brownies. They were so fantastic, you completely forgot they might be slightly healthy as well! 
Ever since I’ve been trawling the web for a recipe. I haven’t found one yet, I might have to make one up. But, I did find a chocolate beetroot cake, gluten free.
To spruce it up, it’s a birthday cake after all, I made basic yoghurt cheese mixed with a little cream, icing sugar and the liquid of the defrosted raspberries. The (defrosted) raspberries got scattered on top with some melted dark chocolate and some whipped vanilla cream for extra chaos.
It was a great hit, nice and moist and very tasty. I didn’t mention the beetroot until everybody finished their plate though...
Not that anyone dared to complain, love my birthday gift!
 And the slack-line!
A what? A slack-line, 20 meters long and about an inch wide. Great to build up some core strength and improve your balance. We’ve set up the 2meters for now...
David, 4 months already. 
Happily cruising on his beautiful quilt, made by grandma Evelien.
Something else that is growing very well. Blossom turning into baby pears.
Enjoying the gorgeous 30 degree days, what better place to catch a breeze then up in a tree?


  1. Happy Birthday to you both:):)
    David and I are only two days apart but the same day is really cool
    Love your knife set and I've been considering a slackline. Cubby is awesome btw

  2. Thanks Erin! Didn’t realise your husband is called David too,
    I did bump into him at the dentist a couple of weeks ago, but refrained myself by calling out to him “Hello Prince Charming”.... ;-)
    Hope the mill gets sorted out soon!

    I get these very practical presents from my family: pressure cooker, yoghurt maker, decent knife set,... It’s fantastic!

    You and de kids are more then welcome to come over for a play on both cubby and slack-line,
    a weekend or the school holidays and all our kids are home too.


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