It might get messy here. I’ll be doing some work on the layout this afternoon...

And so not working out!
By now the kids are awake, the house a mess and my patience lost...
Bad idea!

Day 2: my sanity is saved by Erin from Seven Little Australians & Counting
What I needed was an external widget, no wonder I couldn’t find it in the settings!
You should now get suggested articles at the bottom of every post.

My links within a post should come through in green, saves me writing (link) all the time.
A reinstated sidebar, find related articles through the labels and see which blogs I follow.

What do you reckon, looks better?
Suggestions are very welcome!


  1. Marijke
    If you need any help with how to do any changes, sing out (ring me) I'll share what little I've learnt.

  2. I might have to take you up on that. It’s so not doing what I want!!!! Thanks for the offer Erin!


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