Sticky Pleasures

An all-time favourite for me: sticky date pudding. The beautiful flavour while baking, with the sticky sweetness from the dates makes it a real treat to make.
Click here for the recipe.
From The Free Range Cook by Annabel Langbein, after three years still my favourite cookbook.
The recipe is perfect and easy to make. Although, I don’t bother with the sauce, it doesn’t need it at all.
But I must admit I’m a stubborn cook, just have to give recipes my own twist...
Here we go, all optional:
The original recipe asks for 175gram dates and 250grams of brown sugar. I’ve doubled the dates and only put in 100 grams of dark brown sugar.
As you know I love my spices, on top of the teaspoon of ginger, add a teaspoon of cinnamon and halve a teaspoon of ground gloves. It makes your house smell like autumn...
And I sprinkle aniseed over the pears, just can’t help myself. Some preserved spiced pears would be even better...
Wholemeal flour works great, add an extra bit of butter or water for the fibres to absorb. A teaspoon of baking powder with every cup of flour does the same as self raising flour.
It’s very much like another favourite on this blog: Breakfast cake, served warm...


  1. just checked, our library has that book!

  2. That is where I found it the first place, after renewing it twice though I had to give it back... It was a black day... My mother-in-law took pity on me and bought me one as an early birthday present!

  3. Looking good, love the profile pic and description, a great teaser. Would move your bloglovin button up underneath your profile description, easy then to follow. If you would like to be contacted via email or any other follow buttons great place to have them. (can help you out there too if you want to go that way)

    The blog posts look lovely and crisp:) Though the sidebars are a bit too dark for my eyes, maybe a softer green if that's your preferred colour.

    I find it helps to think about what sort of blog designs am I drawn too, what useful features do they have? (such as the search bar which you have). Try to define what my vision for my look is, this sometimes develops over time.

    anyhow a pleasure to help you, I was helped too, it can be overwhelming and then when someone explains I'm always amazed.


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