Crispy flatbread

Making the most of this cold spell, it won’t last very long (36C predicted for Saturday).
There is still a lot of stew left in the freezer, and nothing tastes better then a hot bowl of hearty stew on a cold “wintery” day. Served with some freshly baked bread of course...

Crusty flatbread (focaccia) is highly recommended, my neighbour is still raving about the surplus I’ve send her way.
Delicious, easy to make and leftovers freeze well.
Like with most doughs, slower is better, the taste and texture improve so much!
Use cold water and less yeast (and add a little sourdough starter if you have it), you can even let is very slowly rise in the fridge, up to a couple of days. Just let it get to room temperature before you bake it. I bake it on baking paper on a hot baking (pizza) stone, but an oven trays works too.

The recipe calls for some leftover mashed potato. I froze some, but that makes it inedible, lesson learned. I did happen to have some sweet potato and parsnip mash left... That’s why the photo on the top has that orange hue to it... It was actually very nice!

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