Meanwhile at home...

We're having a great time in The Netherlands, the wedding was very pretty. It has been very wet, but the rain a nice change of scenery. Plenty of squishy walks through the forest, perfect conditions for my dad and his dirt-bike... I woke up this morning from the neighbor scraping the ice of his car windows, it will be 5 degrees today. My parents are having a full house with my sisters coming and going and friends dropping in. I'll give them a break and will stay this week with Sanders parents. 
A couple of snapshots from the wedding:
Mr and Mrs Bertels

Meanwhile at home, the boys are having a great time.
Sander has been proudly baking bread, daily, cooks and keeps them in clean cloths and sheets.
At last it has started to rain, with plenty of thunderclaps a welcome change after the fires.

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