Going for my walk, checking out our home hidden between the gumtrees in the back and admiring the neighbours dam. Really have to get us on of those. It's my birthday coming up soon, please????
 A walk for some much needed exercise and clearing of the head. Turns out that this road wasn't as daunting as it looks, after only a short slope it turns into this:
A walk under the trees with a beautiful breeze, 1 car/hour, pram-proof and around 8km return.
It's looking very dry at the moment, the clay is starting to form great cracks.
The bottom paddock and woodlot, Moony has 20 acres to find her tucker, the exercise is doing her well.
The veggie garden is limited to three veggie beds, all starting to take off. I just spend another couple of hours expanding the front bed, carting in more soil, hauling around horse manure, mulching and planting.We picked the first cucumbers today. The fourth garden bed is an illegal one, filled with a rogue pumpkin, lack of rain is not stopping it.
Clever missy, she has worked out a way to get out of the coop on windy days.
 Our living area, so very pleased how the new deck worked out.
 Home: the sound of birds twittering, bees humming, pots bubbling and kids giggling.

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