Home again

Well, I actually got home a week ago, just that I’ve been a bit slack here on the blog. Things like unpacking, getting back in routines, gearing up for Sophie’s 4th birthday (this Saturday) and the countless times I had to get up during the night with Alex (who now refuses to sleep in his own bed…) sort of got in the way.

We had a great time with family overseas, but after three weeks we were all ready to go home again. The trip back was a lot easier, although still a long one (2h by car, 12 hours by plane, 2h stopover, 8 hour by plane, taxi to hotel, next morning same trip back to the airport, 1h by plane, 1h by car). Very happy to be home again, it will take a while before I’ve gathered the courage again to fly with little kids…

But what a homecoming!
A clean, tidy house, clean sheets, freshly baked bread, freshly made yoghurt, but most of all the overwhelming colour of green and blue.
Before I left it looked like this:
Only to return like this: green foliage, washed blue skies and an overflowing rainwater tank. November, our month of thunderstorms.

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