Witches kitchen

That's how my husband calls our kitchen. So many things fermenting, soaking, sprouting, bubbling, baking,... Don't be afraid, I don't cackle, don't have a broom and the only hat I wear is a sun hat.

It has been quiet here on the blog, Alex has been keeping me on my toes. They are starting to get a little sore and very tired. For the last three weeks I've up at least 7 times a night, there have been nights I gave up counting at 15...

Two night in a row with just the one feed. I've given up on thoughts on him sleeping through anytime soon, but two good nights and I'm back in business. Which brings me back at the title: witches kitchen, because even through the broken nights, my kitchen kept me going without collapsing: power food.

I would like to start putting some things together for a new series: The Witches Kitchen.
First one will be: sprouting.
Think mung beans sprouts for a perfect laksa.

But first, kids to feed and more housework to catch up on, hope to be back here tomorrow.


  1. Looking forward to reading more about your witchy brews!

    1. Thank you, peeling myself of the couch now...


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