Witches Kitchen: sprouting

I think we all tried the watercress at one stage of our life, besides cute and funny also very tasty. It's like a mini garden in the kitchen!
Why not try something different? Mung beans are highly recommended, they sprout well and quickly and make a very tasty treat. Kids want them in their lunch boxes now...
They finish a bowl of laksa with a nice crunch. Most soups actually...  It takes about two days to sprout, just one or two table spoons of beans makes a nice bowl of sprouts. Saucer on the left is a new experiment, french lentil sprouts, they give a nice peppery taste. You can sprout just about every bean, grain, seed or even nuts. I might try chickpeas next or maybe some beetroot seeds for a funky colour.
Other then to complement your dishes. Why bother?
Well, without getting too technical, most seeds have a little protective layer around them for longer storage. And to keep predators away (that includes you). But soak them for twelve hours and keep them dark and moist (like in the ground) and they'll get active, making all the goodies available to help to kickstart new live. Bursting with goodness!

Much work?
I've looked before at sprouting jars and techniques but it all looked a bit fiddly. Someone recommended using a colander. Just hold it underneath the tap to rinse and put it back on the kitchen bench. Done.
I use a bowl underneath against dripping and a saucer to keep it dark and moist.

How exactly?
1. Choose your seeds
2. Cover them in water for 12 hours (fill the bowl underneath with water)
3. Rinse, keep them dark
4. Keep giving them a rinse under the tap every 12 hours, cover them again.
5. After two days you should have little tails growing.

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