This Weekend

All down with a cold, chugging tea with lime honey for some relief.
It started raining Saturday morning and didn't stop for the rest of the day, it was cold and miserable. It hadn't rained for a couple of weeks, so the garden happy for some very needed moisture. And were happy with a cosy day by the fire.

Or sitting on the deck and listening to the rain falling on the just finished roof. 
And reading books with the kids. My cousin Yvette just send over some Dutch classics, Tim is very much hooked on "Pluk van de Petteflet".
Also, cold and rainy equals cooking for me. 
Sometimes everything comes together, the yoghurt you've just made, the dukkah you've made on another rainy day, the wheelbarrow of pumpkins sitting on the kitchen ledge, the coriander popping up everywhere in the garden and the containers with chicken stock patiently sitting in the freezer. A double batch of freshly baked Turkish Bread will finish the deal and will fill up some nooks and crannies in the freezer to accompany another bowl of soup or stew.
Sunday honoured its name, a beautiful sunny 25 degrees, time to soak up some of that sun.
Something about bringing the mountain to... No time for the gym, but this might qualify as well...
Ten cubic meters of garden soil to be carted around to the garden beds and fruit trees. Nine more to go.
 Curious little fingers
Tim what is your favourite book character? "Cat In The Hat". Okay, we'll have to make a hat and a tail for your costume for Monday's Book Fair Parade. 
"Well mum... I do really like the Spiderman book..., I'll need a spiderman costume!!!"
Home made ice-cream for dessert: Creme fraiche vanilla. 

Yes, creme fraiche. The slightly sour taste goes perfect with tartness of fresh fruit. Since I can't buy creme fraiche (sour cream is a lousy fake), I make my own, really easy.
Add a tablespoon of yoghurt or buttermilk to your carton of cream, let it stand on the kitchen bench for 24 hours and you are ready to go. Whip it up for a thicker consistency if required.

To make the ice-cream, for every cup of cream (or creme fraiche) add a couple of table spoons of condensed milk (depending on your sweet tooth) and a 1/2 tea spoon of vanilla paste. Mix together, then put in the ice-cream maker. Easiest and tastiest vanilla ice-cream you'll ever have!

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