I was going to say it has been a bit quiet here, but...
with builders hammering and sawing away, not so much.
It's really starting to take shape now, a new deck is in, the frame for the roof ready and as we speak the first sheets of corrugated iron are screwed on. Very noisy.

I've been going through piles of paperwork, organising, home loans, insurance, tax returns, selling a house overseas, flight tickets,.. And of course the never ending housework. Not very interesting, but it needs to get done.
Two teeth has come through, he is miserable.
Cold carrots, celery sticks and strawberries do give some relieve.
He is commando crawling through the whole house, nibbling on everything he finds, nothing is safe anymore, that includes your toes...
And your books...


  1. Wat zijn jullie aan het aanbouwen?

    1. Hoi Nathalie,
      We zijn de veranda/buitenterras aan het vervangen, die was er erg slecht aan toe.
      Om het helemaal af te maken wordt er ook een dak boven gemaakt zodat we uit de zon en de regen kunnen zitten,
      onze nieuwe huiskamer...
      x Marijke


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