Weather update

Our empty drought affected rainwater tank? Overflowing, that's 22.700 litres of rainwater in less then a day! Already a river is flowing through our gully which is a good indicator how the main road downhill must look... The dams/moats we build seem to be working very well and are redirecting most of the water from harm on the drive way and veggie garden.

But... the more serious rain is yet to come....
More then 100ml a day is expected for today and Monday.

And baby? Still happily splashing around in my belly. Again some contractions during the night, but again, they fizzled out. For the first time, I was actually relieved with that, they came in the middle of an enormous downpour and there would have been no way we would be able to drive to the hospital amidst the flash flooding.

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  1. wow, and I thought I was stressed with the rain, I hope it all goes well in the end! It has finally stopped here and we have full tanks and a river down the back paddock....


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