River rising

A small drizzle of the rain is falling, it's the last of the front is passing over us, it should be dry soon. Destructive winds are still howling around us, but should be gone by tomorrow. 
Like many big rivers around us, the Clarence River has started to rise rapidly, this morning it was still 1.2m, now only a couple of hours later it's 3m and by tomorrow morning it's expected to exceed the 7.7m (levee hight is 8m) bringing major flooding to the lower lying area's outside the city and town levees of Clarence Valley. We're high up on a hill and our roads into town should stay open as long as the levees hold. The forecast for tomorrow is a sunny 33 degrees with a shower or two, it will be muggy as a tropical jungle, but it will be nice to see the sun again.

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